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We at hansel.io help make mobile apps dynamic. Think bug-fixing at runtime, security-fixing at runtime, UI-changes at runtime. The central piece of this new way of building mobile apps is you, the developer. It is our responsibility to not only create awareness of the solution but also to pass on the knowledge back to the ecosystem we come from.

With this intent, we will be writing a set of articles on how to make your mobile apps responsive and how to deliver superior customer experience. As a first, we will start off with how Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) works, the endless possibilities that exist and ways to help you manage your app, protect your code and fix bugs at runtime.

When we started researching the SDK market, what came out as a big surprise was the significant number of low-end solutions that exist in the market. A market that was supposed to have a large number of ground-breaking innovations making the lives of customers many times better, instead had incremental non-significant glossy cover changes.

There are currently 2 bn smartphone users and is expected to grow to around 5 bn by 2025. This is all the more reason to make apps more stable and dynamic, and yet maintain the sanctity of guidelines that exist.

Comparing mobile to web, one glaring issue with apps is the inherently static nature of apps along with longer release cycles. At Hansel.io we want the developers to focus on new features rather than fixing ancient bugs. We want to help Product Managers control their features at runtime and make decisions with clear testing and validation cycles rather than having to pre-plan a holiday release for months with no clarity on potential impact. We want to make apps more secure. In short, we want developers to deliver the best user experience possible.

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