july fireworks

July Fireworks – the most impactful update since launch!

We really outdid ourselves when it came to the tech challenge we have solved this time around!

What’s new in Hansel.io

Brand new SDK algorithm reduces size impact to 100-150 kB

In what was one of our most interesting tech problems we have solved till now, we have changed the way our SDK works. This means that the size impact on the final apk will only be 100 to 150 kB, depending on how you code.

Brand new SDK algorithm improves performance 100 times

An already performant solution has been optimised to a great extent due to an enhanced approach to identify the target function to hotfix.

For instance, this is the data for a device such as Karbonn. Please note that (a) this a deterministic value (b) is only device specific and not app specific (c) this infinitesimally small impact  is only on your functions and not on the system functions/3rd party libraries, which forms the bulk of the code.  

Karbon Titanium S3 – 4.4.2
Excluding Hansel Including Hansel and a hotfix Difference with Hansel
Milliseconds/function                                  0.040                         0.041 0.001 millisecond (1 microsecond)

No impact on method count

The SDK adds only 900 new methods to the overall method count.

Hotfix analytics

From this release, you will now be getting an overview page with rich information. You will know how many devices have been positively impacted with hotfixes. You will know the number of times the hotfixed code was run and a bunch of very interesting metrics.

Test with ‘versionNameSuffix’ and other custom version names

Hansel.io no longer requires the developer to stick to x.y.z type versioning scheme. We honor arbitrary strings in the version name from now on. You can test the power of the latest updates in your debug builds.

More goodies in the latest version. Do update, test, deploy and keep your customers happy.

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