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Introducing – The SaaS startup that does not care about its clients

Yep. Not the clients themselves, but their customers.

This is what we wore on our shoulders when we set out designing this product, many months ago. Not to make you happy, but your customer. After all, a happy customer is a happy you!

Now, the world of mobiles promises instant gratification to its users. What it does not promise, however, is instant experience correction to its users.

As creators, you are at the mercy of time – the time it takes to fix a faulty experience. Each passing minute is an unhappy customer and an unhappy you. As creators, you are at the mercy of drop off points – every additional step for a consumer, no matter how small, is a dead drop-off zone. Add the friction of making an entire update to an app, and you’ve lost a significant chunk. As creators, you are at the mercy of bug-intolerant and time-starved users. Users you’ve put your hard earned money to acquire. Can you really blame users for not knowing what it takes to ‘simply fix a problem’?

But can we do anything about it? Well, turns out, that is exactly what we have been building for a while now.

Introducing  – Instantly deploy hotfixes to your live mobile app. 

Have I caught your imagination already? You can sign up here or continue to read (Product Management 101)

It is all about ‘instant’ does what Hansel did in the fairy tale – take ‘Gretel’ (your app) from danger to a place of safety. With the Hansel SDK on your app, you, as developers, are armed with a set of programming constructs that let you correct any faulty experience in your app. Instantly. Without sounding too prosaic, think of us as the first line of defense when things break on prod, which happens with alarming regularity.

‘But what can I fix’? 

The way we look at it, there are three main categories of hotfixes.

Code hotfixes – Those nagging logic flaws, those umpteen exceptions and crashes, you name it, we have you covered. You can aim for a 100% crash free release. We kid you not. You have all the programming constructs to manipulate function parameters, add logic through loops, add conditional if-else statements, assign arguments and much more. You can change your functions or disable them altogether. On the fly.

UI Hotfixes – One of the beautiful effects of taking control of your code is that it allows you to modify your UI anytime. You can show/hide UI elements, colors, text, positions, reorder views in four simple steps.

Communication hotfixes – We’ve often been told ‘Dialogue is the key to lasting peace’. So why not start a conversation (one way) with your users to let them know that you’re taking care of them. Open message boxes or toasts from specific invocation of functions to communicate. Add actionable buttons to these channels. Do you want users to update the app? Do you want to revise the user flow? Do you want them to use a different payment gateway? Bake in those deeplinks right there!

All of this in 4 steps. 4 simple steps.

‘Do I have to change the way I code’?

A BIG NO. You have to do absolutely nothing different. Zilch. Integrate and the entire functionality is open to you.

What (magic) is this?

Well, the supremely talented engineers at Hansel have indeed created something beautiful. An SDK that sits in your app, with two specific components – a build time component and a run time component. During build time, interpreters are added to your classes and functions that can be activated later. The SDK fetches the hotfixes you created, from the server at runtime. The hotfixes are analyzed and related interpreters activated. Once activated, the logic reflected in the hotfixes is interpreted and executed by the SDK.

But Google, Apple? 

Did I tell you that our primary focus is your customer and not you? Well that makes it all the more important for us to respect the guidelines of our beloved stores. We do not alter APKs or binaries. We do not inject native code. We use JavaScript with WebkitCore in iOS and a JavaScript like Domain Specific Language (DSL) in Android to merely hotfix your code logic.

So let me list down a bunch of ‘cannot dos’. You cannot create a new class or function. You cannot roll out features bypassing the store. You cannot access private APIs. You cannot invoke new permissions. You cannot do anything shady!

As big fans of security ourselves, all communication to and from the dashboard to your app is double encrypted. All communication come from a trusted source, whose reference is baked in the app.

Final thoughts

We are working with some of India’s big companies in a closed beta. We are stable and at scale. And we are now open to help you serve your customers better. If you are intrigued and want to try us out, all you need is to sign up here. Please help spread the word if you believe this is something truly innovative from the Indian stable.

Always remember, a happy customer is a happy you.

Reach out to me at to know more or to schedule a demo.

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